Massage BenefitsWhat is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is an effective, non-invasive, full or partial body treatment that uses a variety of techniques that have been developed all over the world to manipulate the body’s soft tissues.

These techniques include Lymphatic Drainage, Hydrotherapy, Swedish, Thai, Reflexology, Rehabilitation, Sports, Shiatsu, Stones, Exercise, and other techniques based on both Modern Western medical knowledge, and Ancient Eastern medical theories.

Massage Therapy works by affecting the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system through touch and temperature.

Oils and creams are used to help the therapist’s hands glide on the client’s skin. This facilitates the various rates, rhythms and depths of pressure that is applied to the body in order to provoke stimulating or relaxing effects on the nervous system.  Massage also increases circulation to the area being treated. The depth of pressure used during the treatment will determine which of the body’s systems and tissues are being treated.

Massage Therapy takes a holistic approach, emphasizing the specific needs of each client in his/her healing process and health maintenance goals.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy
Massage can be used as a preventative therapy by boosting the immune system and by increasing the relaxation response of the body via the nervous system.  It has been shown to help increase circulation to injured tissues, therefore clearing out toxins to help speed the healing process.

Massage is used to help manage acute and chronic injuries and conditions.  It decreases swelling, inflammation, and scar tissue buildup.  It promotes improved circulation and with exercise helps correct problems by strengthening and lengthening the specific muscles involved.

What to expect during your treatment
Before any Massage treatment is begun your present state of health will be ascertained with physical tests and a health history review.

Treatments are performed on a table, chair, or floor with sheets, pillows, towels, and hydrotherapy provided when needed. During any massage only the area being worked on will ever be uncovered at any one time. Treatments can last anywhere from 20 to 180 minutes.

After treatment most clients feel relaxed and revived and feel that their symptoms are reduced.  Please ask your therapist about any other side effect possibilities based on your health history.


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