Stone Massage

Stone MassageThe Japanese aristocracy has used Stone Massage Therapy for centuries.  It is used in a variety of ways depending on the stones’ temperature (hot or cold) and the therapist’s treatment goal.  The volcanic river rocks used for Stone Massage are meant to enhance the regular therapeutic effects of Massage.  During treatment the stones are placed on or around the body or applied with massage techniques and oil.

Hot stones are generally used for deep relaxation.  As the heat and magnetic properties of the volcanic stones soothe the nerves, circulation increases and muscle tissue becomes more playable. In a rehabilitation setting these soft tissue reactions are used to help release scar tissue and chronic injuries such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis.

Cold stones are used to help ease acute injuries and can create a stimulating sports type Massage.

Stone Massages can also be combined with Exfoliation, Shiatsu and Hot Wax treatments.

Hot Stone Shiatsu and Wrap

This treatment begins with a meridian energy assessment.  Then the stones are placed on various energy centers of the body.  The small stones are then used to apply pressure to the meridian.  The heat and magnetic properties of the stones help bring the body to a deep state of relaxation.


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