Chocolate Massage

Chocolate MassageIt is both a body mask and an exfoliating scrub. Many news reports and magazines articles over the past several years have reported that cocoa is filled with detoxifying and immunity boosting antioxidants and that it contains mood-lifting chemicals useful to the body.

The cocoa powder itself is a gentle nutrient rich exfoliate for the skin when mixed with oil. To enhance exfoliation we combine dried herbs or sugar to create a wonderful aromatic experience. We offer four types of Chocolate Massage at the Clinic:

1 – Full Body Chocolate Scrub A basic 60 minutes treatment of the back, arms and legs.

2- Chocolate Face-Mask and Scrub A 45 minutes minimum treatment with your choice of a warm relaxing Hot Stone wrap accompanied by a Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology or Hot Stone Massage to go with it while you wait for the chocolate to absorb through your skin.

3- Chocolate Face, Hand and Foot Exfoliation is a 60 minutes treatment with your choice of adding a warm relaxing Hot Stone Wrap.

4- Chocolate and Mint Lower Legs and Feet Scrub is an invigorating and exfoliating 45 to 60 minutes chocolate and dried organic peppermint massage. The anti-inflammatory effect of the mint is great for quelling sore tired feet. This treatment can be combined with a Reflexology treatment or with a neck and shoulder massage while the chocolate and mint absorb. A Hot Stone Wrap can also be added.


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