Swedish, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage

SwedishSwedish Massage techniques use gentle stroking and effleurages to spread the oil and increase circulation. The depth of pressure used will determine what muscle or organ is being affected. This is usually referred colloquially as Relaxation Massage.

Other Swedish Techniques are the Petrissage types. They are usually more focused and are often used to engage the deeper tissue layers and are used for a more focused treatment. Some of these treatment techniques used are Muscle Striping, Squeezing, Wringing, Picking up, Skin Rolling and Kneading.  Petrissage massage is often what is referred to as Deep Tissue Massage by lay persons.

Deep Tissue Massage can also include some of the deeper or more intense techniques MX GS back9that are not part of tradition Swedish massage.  Examples of these techniques are Trigger Points and Myofascial Release, Joint play and Mobilization, Tractioning, Recoil, Muscle Energy, Counterstrain, Neuromuscular Therapy, Connective Tissue Massage, Direct and Indirect Fascial Techniques. Your therapist will determine with you what techniques are appropriate for you.

standing tube obl arm raise upRehabilitation Massage treatments are tailored to your acute or chronic health condition. In our Clinic we can incorporates all aspects of the different types and techniques of massage from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stone Massage, Shiatsu, Hot Wax, Cold Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. Added to this are remedial exercises designed to strengthen and stretch muscles.


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