Pregnancy Massage

Our Massage Therapists offer a variety of treatments for all stages of pregnancy, before, during and after. Treatments include:

preg belly crop antLymphatic drainage to help decrease normal pregnancy related swelling.

Swedish Massage and Shiatsu to help relax and treat a mothers general aches and pains from daily life and those associated with normal pregnancy.

Shiatsu energy work of the Extra Ordinary and 12 Common Meridians will help to support a mother’s body from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy.

We also offer a complete program at the clinic to help couples from pre-pregnancy, including fertility,  right through to the final stages of labour and post-pregnancy. The program includes exercises, Reflexology, Massage and Shiatsu point work.

Baby Massage Classes

isaac baby  bCome and learn an invaluable skill that is beneficial for babies and caregivers alike.

Baby massage is a wonderful way for parents, grandparents or other caregivers to bond and spend special time with their child.

A series of four classes, with up to four caregivers per child, will teach various techniques to massage your baby at home, helping you to relieve your little one’s symptoms of teething, congestion, constipation, gas and colic.


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