Face & Body Masks and Exfoliation

Body Masks help provide nutrients to the skin by absorbing the substances placed on it. The substances we use in our office include herbs, chocolate, sugar and salts. They have different properties to help decrease inflammation, increase circulation, soften skin, influence hormones and boost immunity.

Body Exfoliation can use cloths, specialty mitts, or an oil mixture containing a coarse substance (salt, sugar, chocolate or dried herbs) with a vigorous massage. This type of massage is used to exfoliate the skin, improve circulation to the surface body structures, and is said to help boost the immune system.

CH MINT B1Our All Natural Masks and Exfoliation:

Full Body Chocolate Massage Scrub and Body Mask
Full Body Caribbean Citrus or Vanilla Aroma Sugar Scrub
Full Body Salt Scrub
Full Body Salt Scrub mixed with Chamomile and/or Mint Herbs
Full Body Mint Scrub and Body Mask
Full Body Chamomile Scrub and Body Mask
Foot Scrub and Soak with Salt/ Herbs and/or Citrus to start any  treatment
Chocolate Mint Foot and Lower Leg Scrub and Mask
Chocolate Face, Hands and Feet Scrub and Mask
Chocolate Facial Scrubs and Masks
Gentle Exfoliating Chamomile Face Scrub
Honey Citrus Face Mask
Build your own Massage for up to a 3-hours experience
All Full Body Scrubs can be followed up with an Aroma or a Full Body Relaxation Massage.


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